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Provision of Manpower Supply for Senior QA/QC Supervisor for G2/6

Background :

Based on NPT analysis in Thai Offshore Well Operations Department (OTF),  equipment failure from ineffective implementation of contractor / supplier  Quality Management System (QMS) and / or deficiencies in contract documents are one of the major root causes.  

Hence,  the Senior QA/QC Supervisor is required to provide his expertise to  help reduce QA/QC-related NPT to a minimum, as well as to help improve  and put effective and sustainable QA/QC management system in place.

Scope of Work

•  Provision of manpower supply for a Senior QA/QC Supervisor who will  represent on company’s behalf at designated work locations to support  Well Engineering and Operations Division on its Quality Assurance & Quality  Control initiatives. 

•  Scope of Work for the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services will  involve the following range of equipment, components and/or materials.

Provision of Manpower Services for Operation and Maintenance (TTM/A)

Scope of Work

• Based in Rayong province
• Install, operate, and maintain RD&T facilities of TTM with good integrity, safety
• Coordinate RD&T activities with customer and researcher who work for facilitation all users to test and modify
• Response to all dynamic requirements of technology innovation activities with professional performance and services mind
• Manage the usage and utilization of RD&T facilities, laboratory, and workshop.
• Setup, control and manage database of all facilities and equipment in laboratory, RD&T infrastructure and workshop
• Coordinate with partner in EECi for facility utilization and promote technology & innovation event
• Assist owner to prepare and conduct all conferences, exhibitions, workshop, events and initiation of all collaboration activities.

TTM/A Q&M Team:

• Operationand Maintenance Engineer
• Operationand Maintenance Technical Assistance
• Operationand Maintenance Technician
• Operationand Maintenance SSHE Officer
• RD&T Contracts Coordinator

Provision of Manpower Supply for OTM (Call-Off)

The owner has a policy to support the development of technology and innovation, in order to reduce costs and optimize oil and gas exploration and production processes including the development of technology in other forms of energy and new technologies which including AI & Robotic, to increase the competitiveness and future growth. They established the Technology and Innovation Center in Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation or EECi and also established an alternative technology development center called Rapid Scale up Center to support hydro-carbon related technology. Its target is in line with the Government’s policy to support the industrial shift towards Thailand 4.0 and the X group’s technology and innovation development policy, leading the sustainable development in the future. 

Technology management  division support team:

•Junior Analyst
•Junior graphic designer
•Technology and Market Analyst
•Junior Analyst, IP and AgreementJunior lab assistant
•Project Administrator
•Technical Coordinator
•Junior Mechanical Engineer
•Technical Coordinator
•Project Administrator
•RD&T Communication Officer
•Junior Lab Assistant

Provision of Manpower Services for Non-Technical Operations at S1 Support

Based on NPT analysis in Thai Offshore Well Operations Department (OTF), Non-technical personnel provision at main Sirikit oil field located within the area of Lan Krabue District of Kampang Petch Province and there are smaller oil and gas well locations situated around the Sirikit field. S1 Concession cover Phitsanulok Housing Compound, Bung Phra Crude Oil Depot, Nong Tum Substation, Sao Thian Substation and Outstation in Kampang Petch Sukhothai and Phitsanulok Province.

Location : Sirikit Oilfield – Lan Krabue LKU Production Station Production wells and facilities, Thailand

Audaxia Global personnel assigned to perform the service :

over 70 personnel

Technology management  division support team:

Team leader Landscape & Housekeeping services (LKU)
Foreman Landscape
Foreman House keeping  Gardener
Grounds keeper 
Team leader Landscape & Housekeeping services (PHS)
Foreman Landscape
Technician for Maintenance Services
Technical Assistant for Operations Services

Support  Assistant Administrator for Operations Services
Technical Assistant for Land Acquisition
Technician (survey) for Land Acquisition
Officer Assistant, SSHE Support
Assistant Officer, Community Engagement
Officer, Strategic SSHE Communication
Forklift Operator
General Service Technician

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