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The Oil and Gas industry faces numerous challenges in today’s evolving landscape.As a trusted partner for comprehensive Technical Assistance services, Audaxia Global supports clients  in the transition to cleaner and sustainable ways to achieve carbon neutrality.

Delivering our services through the value chain of the upstream to  downstream sectors, our dedicated professionals offer  technical expertise, ensuring proficiency, safety, and innovation at every stage of the project's cycle, and contribute to a low-carbon future.


As the world continues to face energy challenges and seeks to reduce carbon emissions, the Power industry plays a pivotal role in driving the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future. With its extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, Audaxia Global offers a wide range of Technical Solutions to support businesses and organizations across the Power industry such as Conventional Power, Renewable Energy, Transmission, as well as Distribution.

Our dedication to excellence shapes every project, ensuring efficiency, safety, and a brighter energy future.


The construction sector, particularly within the oil and gas, industrial, and infrastructure projects, is experiencing transformative changes driven by technological advancements, rapid urbanization, complex regulations, and sustainability imperatives. As a leading Technical Services provider, Audaxia Global brings unparalleled expertise to these sectors.  

Our seasoned professionals deliver hands-on project management and construction supervision, ensuring successful outcomes for projects in construction, oil and gas, industrial facilities, and infrastructure. We are committed to crafting solutions that build a better tomorrow.

Project Success : Where Vision becomes Reality

Guided by expertise, we craft solutions that transform your vision into tangible success, every step of the way.

Well Management and Drilling Support, Production, Onshore and Offshore

Navigating the complexities of oil and gas production, Audaxia Global stands at the forefront of efficient well management and drilling operations in Southeast Asia. Dive into our spectrum of tailored solutions, where expertise meets innovation, ensuring your project's success both onshore and offshore.

Integrated Management for Operations & Maintenance, Inspection, Assets Management

Unlock the Future of Assets Management with Audaxia Global. Step into a world where intricate operational requirements meet unparalleled expertise, ensuring every asset performs at its peak. Dive deeper to discover how our team of experts redefine operational excellence in this ever-evolving industry.

Project Management, Construction and Commissioning Supervision

With the support of Audaxia Global’s Project Management consultants, every project finds True North. At the intersection of unparalleled expertise based on decades of projects experience, we stand committed to guide each project on schedule and within budget to its unique pinnacle of success. Embark with our team on a Project Management journey led by professionals dedicated to achieve your project's goals.

Technical Manpower Contracting

Elevate your project's performance with Audaxia Global's elite workforce. Our professional solutions support clients to navigate the complexity of skills shortage in the Energy, Industrial, and Infrastructure sectors. Together with our exceptional technical manpower services, challenging projects become more fluid and exceed every expectation.
Associated Services

Skills Sourcing & Acquisition

Connecting Expertise to Innovation: Audaxia Global's specialized talent sourcing ensures the perfect match between skills and project requirements, driving success with precision and integrity.

Global Mobility

Seamless Transitions: Audaxia Global takes the complexity out of global mobility. From immigration and logistical arrangements to secure accommodations and international insurance, we ensure smooth transitions for personnel across various project locations.

Contract, Human Ressources & Administrative Support

Optimizing Operations: At Audaxia Global, our comprehensive contract, HR, and administrative support acts as the backbone of your project, ensuring seamless operations and full compliance with all legal and regulatory standards.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Management

Safeguarding Excellence: At Audaxia Global, QHSE Management is paramount. Through meticulous monitoring, training, and support, we foster a work environment where safety and well-being are at the forefront, ensuring not just compliance but a commitment to excellence.


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