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Audaxia Global is a pioneering service company with deep roots in Southeast Asia's fast-growing Energy and Infrastructure industry landscape. Established in 2018, our journey began with a vision to support complex onshore and offshore projects by delivering unparalleled technical assistance solutions to our clients.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Audaxia Global emerged as a trailblazer in the service sector, founded on the principles of innovation, reliability, and unwavering dedication. Since our inception, we have consistently delivered exceptional results by combining seamless projects execution with a profound knowledge of the region's unique challenges.  

As we continue to evolve, Audaxia Global remains steadfast in our mission to transform obstacles into opportunities, ultimately becoming the most trusted partner for our clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors across Southeast Asia.  Join us in exploring our rich founding history and discover how we are redefining the boundaries of project technical assistance and client success.


5 years history

Key Achivements


Incorporation of Audaxia Global (Singapore, Thailand, and Myanmar) 


Myanmar - Operations and Maintenance Services Onshore and Offshore - largest IOC in the country

Myanmar - Contract and Procurement Support Services - Hydro Power Plant project - worldwide leading Power Utility Company 


Myanmar - Engineering Support Services – Landmark Mixed-Used project – developed by an International Joint Venture

Thailand - PMC Sub-consultant - Suvarnabhumi Airport Phase II Expansion

Thailand – Commissioning Services - Biomass Gas Turbine – largest sugar producer in Asia


Thailand – Construction Management and Supervision – Plant Expansion – largest tyre manufacturer in Thailand


100 employees !

Myanmar – Offshore Well Management Services – largest NOC in the country

Thailand – Onshore Oilfield Facility Management Services – largest O&G company in Thailand 


150 employees !

Thailand – Technical Assistance for Operations and Maintenance Engineering - largest O&G company in Thailand

Myanmar – Offshore and Onshore Asset Management Services - largest NOC in the country


Message from the CEO

" Welcome to Audaxia Global, a trailblazing service company established in 2018, proudly headquartered in the heart of Southeast Asia. We stand as a trusted partner in the dynamic energy and infrastructure landscape, specializing in services tailored for complex projects within challenging environments.

From our inception, we've nurtured deep-seated connections within Southeast Asia, fostering an innate understanding of its unique energy challenges and opportunities. Our journey is propelled by a relentless pursuit of human development, empowering our team of collaborators to continuously evolve and exceed industry standards.

At Audaxia Global, we are more than a service provider; we are agents of positive change. Our unwavering commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles fuels our operations, ensuring that as we contribute to the industry's progress, we do so responsibly and sustainably.

As the CEO, I am immensely proud of our accomplishments, our aspirations, and the indomitable spirit that defines us. Not only do we drive growth and value for our stakeholders, but we also operate our business in the spirit of environmental preservation and the well-being of communities. Following the path of our young and vibrant history, we are proud to contribute to a more efficient energy future, and to pursue our journey guided by excellence and innovation! "

Jean Martial Carpena, CEO Audaxia Global


Focused on providing innovative solutions to clients primarily within the energy industry, Audaxia Global Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies are at the heart of our operations. 

We recognize the critical role we play in shaping the environmental and social landscape, and thus our commitment to ESG principles drives our every endeavor. Through meticulous planning and execution, we minimize ecological footprints while maximizing resource efficiency. Our projects not only adhere to stringent environmental regulations but often surpass them, setting new industry benchmarks. 

Social responsibility lies at the core of our values. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our workforce, ensuring fair labor practices and fostering a diverse, inclusive work environment. Collaborating with local communities, we undertake initiatives that enhance their quality of life and provide opportunities for growth.
Governance excellence underscores our transparent and ethical business practices. We hold ourselves accountable to stakeholders, maintaining the highest standards of integrity. This approach not only safeguards investments but also builds enduring partnerships founded on trust. 

We aid our clients in reducing emissions, optimizing processes, and advancing towards a more sustainable energy future. As a result, we not only drive growth but also contribute to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of communities.  

Together with our clients, we aim to shape an energy landscape that balances progress with responsibility.


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