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Our services are executed by experienced consultants well-versed in handling medium to large scale projects. By adopting a tailored and scalable approach to project manpower contracting services, our goal is to ensure that every project we staff is completed on time and on budget, and to the agreed quality. Audaxia Global Methodology ensures desired quality levels and timely delivery regardless of project complexity, scope, size or duration. Our methodology integrates a full understanding of client and project needs, and ensures all strategic goals are met throughout the project lifecycle.

From FID to initiating phase, we support our clients to develop a project concept that delivers the greatest value at the lowest risk, using design tools to drive project value and applying a modular approach to create project sustainability.
During planning, we assist our clients in producing an execution plan by developing practical implementation strategies. We develop systems to monitor constrains, risks, quality assurance in the execution process. In contracting and procurement, we design contracting models, define contractor selection requirement, and establish appropriate price structures, contract terms, and incentives.
During project execution, our team integrate our client’s organization to boost the project through technical assistance solutions, schedule optimization, contractor management, and lean execution including time loss elimination.
To enhance project sustainability and help our clients to achieve the expected value, our services cover all dimensions of the project life cycle, supporting technical processes as well as “people management”. To perform our services, Audaxia Global has built a Project Delivery Services team formed by seasoned professionals who can be deployed at each phase of the project.

Audaxia Global Expertise extend across each project phase

Project Consulting Processes

Tailored services

Audaxia Global interacts with our client’s organization to deliver tailored solutions throughout the project life cycle, supporting . Audaxia Global will provide an entire multi-functional integrated team or individual consultants embedded within the client’s project team or organization.

Our team is capable to manage Global Mobility in remote and complex project environment. We will take into account relevant local content compliance requirements which must be managed accordingly considering international projects inherent risks. Dealing with these contingencies is a major concern for our clients which can delay a project and send it over budget, it is part of Audaxia Global operational excellence to mitigate such risks.



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