Founder’s Story


Audaxia Global was founded as an independent group, from a team of senior professionals accumulating several decades of experience in some of the largest projects and organizations in the field of oil and gas, power generation and infrastructure sectors. The Founders of Audaxia Global have lead successfully projects across several continents including Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, Africa and Europe. Under their leadership, they brought together the best project resources to achieve the highest level of service performance in challenging environments. As Audaxia Global, we ought to achieve the same level of excellence for our clients, bringing to projects and organizations the highest performing human resources and contract staffing solutions.’

The Founders

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Jean-Martial Carpena

“Our ultimate motivation is to ensure our client’s vision is realized and business goals always achieved”


Olivier Maubon

VP Business Development

“Our strength remains in comprehensive and adaptive approaches to our client’s projects!”


Carla Moestafa

VP Project Controls
“We thrive in challenging ecosystems by providing practical solutions”



Audaxia Global team of expert consultants, combining project manpower contracting and recruitment expertise
together with an in-depth industry knowledge accumulated over decades of professional practice in Europe,
Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific, enables our clients to staff their projects with confidence.

The Talent Acquisition team, formed by technical experts in the field of Energy and Infrastructure sectors, sources
the best skills matching our client expectations. Our Operations Excellence team manages efficiently the
integration in the project or organization structure, handling all Global Mobility challenges and assuring Audaxia
Global services delivery quality at all time.

Mission & Values

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure our clients vision becomes a reality. We will take the lead in achieving optimal business performance for our clients and surpass their expectations. As each client is unique, operating in diverse business ecosystems, we will to provide tailor-made solutions with integrity and professionalism, based on factual and data driven analysis to make a long term difference to your business.




We have the confidence and courage to challenge assumptions and conventions in order to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients needs.



We conduct our business in accordance with the highest professional standards



We are an independent group, free from outside bias and as such are able to focus on meeting the needs of our clients.



We are open minded and not wedded to a particular solution. We seek the best outcome for our clients.

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At  Audaxia Global, our Talent Acquisition technical experts deliver the finest staffing contracting services, hiring the best skills for your projects and organizations.

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